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Hey, everybody. My name's Amey, I'm fifteen and I absolutely adore Jacob Smith. Um, I don't have any pictures of him,to share, but I am working on a more mature fic of his character, Jake Baker and Alyson Stoner's character, Sarah Baker from Cheaper by the Dozen. If you don't like incest then don't read it.
By the way, this community needs pimping.....

Sarah Baker woke up to the usual sound in the morning: chaos. Not birds singing or a gentle wind blowing, like she would like, but utter Baker chaos. Things are never dull with thirteen other people around you.
Sarah rolled over on her side and glared at the digital clock beside her. 8:47, it read.
'God forbid I ever get a little extra sleep on the weekend.' Sarah thought.
So, unable to drift back to sleep, she got up and dressed for the day. Nothing too crazy, just something she threw together from clothes on her closet floor. Sarah emerged from her room, almost being trampled by Nigel and Kyle.
"Try and kill somebody, why don't you!?" she yelled after them, as they darted down the stairs.
But Sarah froze when she heard the laughter of her older brother, Jake, comming quietly from behind her.
Sarah couldn't exactly explain why she felt the way she did about Jake. She knew that he was her brother, and that you shouldn't like your brother like that. But.....There was just something about the way Jake's hair looked underneath a beanie or the way he sometimes forgot to tie his robe, so that his somewhat sculpted chest was exposed. Kind of like it was now.
"The way you're standing like that, Sarah Baker, I would've thought you'd seen a ghost." Jake said in the same quiet voice as he walked into her eyesight.
"Hello....Earth to Sarah....."Jake said as he waved a hand in front of her eyes.
But it was no use. Sarah was too busy starring at his barely there V-line, that dissapeared into his loose fitting pj's. Oh the wonders of the thirteen-year-old boy.
"Whatever."Jake finally said flatly as he walked away from Sarah, now examining his thin skater figure as he made his way downstairs.
When Jake was out of sight Sarah sighed and ran a hand through her hair.
'Must not think of Jake. Must not think of Jake. MUST NOT THINK OF JAKE.' Sarah chanted over and over as she stepped down the staircase.
It took Sarah a minute to collect herself when she saw Jake smile at her and pat the seat next to him at the table, offering her to sit down. How could any girl, even a sister of Jake's, resist him? Everything about him just drips sex. And yet he's still so adorable. Like an erotic teddy bear.
"What's with you today, Sarah? You starred at me like I was Sandy Claws." after seeing the Nightmare Before Christmas a thousand times, Jake always refered Santa Claus as Sandy Claws, just because he said, 'It sounds cooler.'
"N-no reason." Sarah stuttered as a piece of toast came flying at her and she caught it.
"Mmhm, sure. Well I'll find out sooner or later. You can count on that." Jake said.
Breakfast was as normal at having thirteen different people talking at once. Sarah eyed Jake's hands most all the way through. His long delicate fingers. His smooth, callused palms.....
"Alright, announcement, everyone!" Tom Baker-aka Dad-said over his loudspeaker.
"Me and your mother have to make a trip to the mall. Anyone going?"
Naturally Lorraine's said yes, followed by the rest of the Baker's, except Jake, who had 'stuff to do' and Charlie who was going to be with his girlfriend all day.
"What about you, Sarah?" Tom asked when everyone had made up their minds.
"Oh! Um, no, the mall's for, uh, losers. Yeah, no way am I going!" she said, trying to hold back the excitement that maybe, just maybe, she'd be alone in the house with Jake. ALL DAY.
"Well, hm. I guess you and Jake can hold down the fort. Charlie, make sure to check up on them before you leave."
'SCORE ONE FOR THE TEAM!!!' Sarah thought.
"Will do, Dad." Charlie said as he rose from the table.
Soon everyone was gone. The house was eerily quiet, with only two people in it.
"Well....." Sarah said, nevously.
"Yup." Jake responded back.
"Uh, want to just make out, for a bit?" Sarah said.
"HANG OUT! I said hang out!" Sarah said, clapping her hands over her mouth.
Jake eyed Sarah suspiciously.
"Okay, really, what are you hiding, Sarah?" Jake said.
"N-nothing. I'm not hiding a-a-anything." Sarah said.
"Fine, don't tell me. It's probably lame, anyways." Jake said huffily as he went in his room and snapped the door behind him.
If he only knew.....

Meh. It's kind of short, but tell me what you think. I'd love to continue it. I've got a REALLY good plot for it =)
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